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Have you been unfortunate enough to have experienced a problem with insect infestations in your grain stores.  

Cold Snap

Please note the recent cold spell reduces insect activity, this will only be short term. When temperatures rise insect activity & metabolism will increase & infestations will progress, thus increasing chance of rejection & increased haulage costs.

With circumstances beyond our control contributing to this problem (warmer climate, more stringent sampling etc) at some stage no matter how well you manage your grain store (cleaning & insecticide treatments) you could still find yourself with a troublesome infestation which left untreated will cause deterioration of grain quality, thus reducing the value of your crop, adding the inconvenience of not being able to market your grain when planned. 


After new crop grain is in store, we recommend the use of pitfall & probe traps plus temperature checks with monthly monitoring to ascertain the levels, if any, of insect infestation.

If hot spots are detected further investigation needs to be carried out to eliminate infestation as being the root cause.  

Fuminex recommend that the sooner the problem is dealt with the more efficient & cost effective the treatment will be.

 Contact us for a rapid, reliable & honest fumigation solution. 


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May 2017